How not to write a newsletter

I received NameCheap newsletter today full of annoying holes (at least for me), needless to say I hit the unsubscribe button shortly after.  First mistake – mark your calendars. Did they not check their calendar before sending it? The June 10 was 2 weeks ago! $1, one dollar!! You’re trying to promote .UK, use the local currency, using £ (GBP)!   Final mistake I notice (I didn’t look very hard to be honest) was the “SCHOOLSOUT” code.

I’m sorry, but SIMS8 can’t come fast enough

I haven’t really been on SupportNet, Capita SIMSsupport portal, regularly since changing roles about 20 months ago, the only time I pop on nowadays is to find something when I’m helping out my old team during busyhard times (you never really escape at my work). On this occasion I stopped by the forum and one thing jumped out at me. The lack of progress. Now I appreciate I’m about to unload both barrels into my foot, but I think it needs to be said.