I’m sorry, but SIMS8 can’t come fast enough

I haven’t really been on SupportNet, Capita SIMSsupport portal, regularly since changing roles about 20 months ago, the only time I pop on nowadays is to find something when I’m helping out my old team during busyhard times (you never really escape at my work). On this occasion I stopped by the forum and one thing jumped out at me. The lack of progress. Now I appreciate I’m about to unload both barrels into my foot, but I think it needs to be said.

Want a job? Head to Superdrug

One of the things you’ll find when your going to interviews for your first job after leaving education is that they ask the same types of questions. The main one that feels me with dread is “Give an example of good customer service you have provided”. I hate that question. Hopefully your interviewer would have been kinda enough to at least state that, as you are ill experienced, you might want to give examples of good customer service you have received.

Should I purchase Full SQL or is Express enough?

One of the common questions I used to get asked whilst supporting SIMS .netwas, do I need Full SQL. SIMS .netuses Microsoft SQL Serveras it’s relational database management system (RDBMS) so it’s important to ensure the engine is correctly sized for job at hand. Microsoft SQL Serverhas come in a number of editions over the years, I won’t detail all the various editions but the two editions schools should be concerned with is Express and Standard.