Back in September 2021 I started getting back into Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe after a long stint of being out of the game due to other more important life commitment taken over. I started by collecting the hideous, insectoid xenos Tyranids which I decided to plan in the traditional Genestealer colours of blue and purple. After a while and many thousands of points later, I grew bored of painting blue and purple.

I decided I wanted to try paint something different, I didn’t want to create a whole new army. I had already commited (ie bought) to Adeptus Custodes. I remembered back in the day when Games Workshop created a diorama of the entire Ultramarine chapter and the got each store to paint a tactical squad and a rhino. I thought, yes, I’m gonna paint JUST a tactical squad and a rhino in for my first love, Salamanders.