If you ever need a lesson in the importance of picking a good domain registrar, then read about Rosetta@Home recent problems.

Dear Rosetta@Home participants,

We — like many of you who have contacted us — have been extremely

frustrated by the long project downtime. We (bakerlab.org) had a domain

name registration verification lapse, and our registrar (dotster.com)

and ICANN turned off DNS for bakerlab.org. We went through the steps to

getting it verified again Monday afternoon. What should have been a

quick procedure is now stretching into 4 days. We apologize for the mass

emailing which we have tried to keep to a minimum throughout the course

of the project, but this is an extraordinary situation and we have no

other way of reaching all of you now.

Since being down we estimate that we have lost a total of around 3.1

million computing hours and continue to lose around 540 computing hours

per minute.

We greatly appreciate your help and contributions!  With your help, we

have been making rapid progress in our research which has been

attracting considerable attention, for example:


http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/physics/origami-revolution.html (the 8

minute segment on our work starts at 20:30)

The Economist:


The Atlantic:




which is titled “Big data (and volunteers) help scientists solve

hundreds of protein puzzles”

Thank you very much for your continued contributions to and support of


David Baker

More info: http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rah_technical_news.php