Been trying to find out the following from my local council:

  1. How many resident parking permits have been issued
  2. How many resident parking bays are available
  3. What exactly has the money been spent on in terms of fines issued.

To say they are being evasive is an understatement.

So far, I’ve got, the response of:

  1. _This info is fluid as it is not only static residents who can apply for waivers within a given zone but also agencies who provide medical needs and other statutory services._At this time we have no plans to publish this level of information on our website

  2. We don’t hold this information, we don’t have defined bays, just areas – which I followed up with, well you must have a min size. FYI_ normally 5m is allowed per vehicle parked at the end of a bay and 6 m for those inside_. Still waiting for them to A) publish the map so I can do the math, B) do the math and give me a number

  3. (A) making good deficits

    (B) paying for the provision or maintenance of off street parking

    (C) If (B) is considered unnecessary  then the provision or operation of facilities for public passenger transport services, highway or road improvement projects within the local authority area or environmental improvements in the local authority area.

Clear as mud. So if its been in place for 10 years and they bring in £400,000 a year in fines that’s £4 million been spent on? What? I assume the cost they charge for issuing the permits to residents counters A and B. Please Lord let it not be those stupid Real Time Passenger information*.


  • I like the idea Real Time Passenger information, just not the solution SCC purchased. It runs on an out-of-date operating system that crashes. If it was me, I’d got the Uni to build something using a Raspberry Pi and got the local schools involved (would have looked pretty cool on the children’s CV)