Unfortunately this year I’ve not been able to make any of the pre-cons, however the (free) community day looks epic – the hardest part is going to be selecting which session to attend, the final one looking the worst. Aghhh!!! I’m going to have to roll a dice or something!

CDC – Change Data Capture in Detail

Uwe Ricken

What’s new in the SQL Server 2016 for a BI Professional

Prathy Kamasani

Exploring the Azure SQL Database

Murilo Miranda

All things time-related

Kennie Pontoppidan

Data-driven personal decisions with PowerBI and Machine Learning

Ruben Pertusa Lopez

One session that really peak my inter-geek, which had me looking at getting a Microsoft Band – only to find out they are running the stocks low at the moment (they release the first and second one in October, so it looks like the 3 will be out soon).

The (Consumer) Internet of Things on your arm – MS Band & PowerBI connected

Imagine If – Train the Trainer Micro:bit session