Joys of C#

Publish date: 10 Oct 15
Tags: C Sharp

On Friday, I had a problem raised, they want to change one of the automatic rename jobs which renames and moves export files to a shared drive. Lucky, I had created a SSIS package, which was a SQL Job that runs on a scheduled every 15 mins, which uses a script task to perform the logic. Because we also used OctopusDeploy, this really was going to be a 5 min change.

The summary of the requirement change was this, currently we export files to:

\Client Name\Month Number-Month Name\

so, for example, for the April export for Client A it would be:

\Client A\04-April\

What they wanted to change it was:

\Client Name\Fiscal Month Number-Month Name</span>

so, for example, for the April export for Client A would become:

\Client A\01-April</span>

Again, as this was a script task, it was just a question of adding a new method and adding it in. For reference, here is the method I quickly bosh together:

Thanks to some clever upfront work – with both the script task and OctopusDeploy, this change took 5 mins.