I had a rather odd error with OctopusDeploy where the RavenDB backups were failing. Turns out the problem was because I had assigned 1 IPv4 address to OctopusDeploy and another IPv4 address for TeamCity. Oddly the RavenDB backup routine referenced the localhost address –, it appeared to be hardcode with no option other then changing port. This was especially weird as the OctopusDeploy service, was able to access it fine. To resolve – at least long enough to get a backup to migrate to v3 which uses SQL Server – was to setup a port proxy so accessing TCP port 10931 on the local loopback would resolve to the same port but on a the actual public IPv4

To do this run Command Prompt as Administrator (right-click, Run As Administrator) then type


interface portproxy

add v4tov4 listenaddress= listenport=10931 connectaddress={{your ip}} connectport=10931

Remember to replace {{your ip}} with the actual IP address