I always find it funny when IT departments talk about BI for their company and they don’t actually have a BI solution in place for themselves. Surely you should practice what you preach?

So why do IT departments need BI. Well lets look at Rosetta@home.

Jul 30, 2014

We are aware of significant network slow-down between the subnet upon which our servers sit and the Internet beyond the UW campus. We are working with the UW’s Network Operations team to pinpoint the cause. We apologize for the frustration caused. -KEL

Doesn’t sound good does it. Almost like they’ve been hacked or suffering a DDOS.

Aug 05, 2014

Slowdown Update: As it turns out, the slow-down experienced during the last week of July was the result of a very large surge in users joining the project through a new campaign by http://charityengine.com. As the servers were behaving properly – just overwhelmed – and DK was on a well-deserved holiday, it was difficult for the rest of us to pin-point the cause. You can see the recent surge here. We are looking at changing/expanding our webserver frontend to be more resilient to surges like this in the future. Yet again, we apologize for the frustration caused. -KEL

6 days later they twig. Using the third party stats site –BoincStats.com they get a bit of visual analysis. They’ve seen massive new user growth. Having a cloud based solution is only half the solution, knowing when to scale up and when to scale down is the other half of the problem.