Well it appears Capita has announced SOLUS2 death day



That’s assuming they don’t put it back. Again.

This is bad news. Let me explain why.

I’m using Chrome, it’s updated itself I don’t know how many times. If I go and check, all I know or care about is that it is indeed up-to-date, so at some point, it’s updated itself and its worked.

If I look at my antivirus I can see it’s updated 3 times today alone. Again, this is all in the background without me doing anything.

Now compare this with SIMS and SOLUS2. I wonder how many hours I’ve wasted supporting schools doing SOLUS2 upgrades in my past life. I dread to think.

Before you start waiving the MSI flag, let stop and have a look at the outstanding CR logged on SupportNet today (24/06/2014) for the past year. Extract here.


1,057,outstanding change request. All requested by end-users. All with positive votes.

1,057. Wow. I dread to think how many have gone unlogged or is older then a year!!

Capita clearly can’t roll them up into a major build. How many re-releases have you seen? Add the fact it doesn’t even seem to be making a dent in CR mountain and you can see why Capita wants to be Agile like the other MIS suppliers.

Not sure I fancy pushing out 1,057 updates… per school…